Retractable Screens for Doors and Windows

The finest disappearing screen doors in the world, with a LIFETIME WARRANTY to prove it! Phantom retractable door screens are ideal for folks who want a protective screen without sacrificing their home’s beauty. Retractable screen doors mount inside the doorframe or on the surface of the interior or exterior molding. They work great on BOTH in-swinging OR out-swinging doors. Our retractable screens are also perfect for french doors and sliding doors.

Our Disappearing Screens can be placed anywhere an ordinary screen is installed, including windows and porches. Our screens are perfect for beautiful entry doors that you don’t want to hide behind bulky screen doors.

Common Retractable Screen Openings

    French Double Doors
One Disappearing Screen mounts on each side of the door’s opening.  The screen doors can then be pulled together so they meet in the middle where they are held together by magnetic latches.  The screen disappears when it is not in use.
The classic elegance of double French doors is not compromised by the screen since our Disappearing Screens are mounted on each side of the frame.


     Sliding Patio Doors
You’ll never again have to look through screens when your patio doors are closed. Phantom Screens hide in their case when you aren’t using them. And, they let you get rid of those flimsy screens on sliding glass doors.We eliminated the fragile wheels and we replace the tracks, so they last a lifetime without breaking. They open and close easily and are held by magnets when you close them. They move smoothly and quietly along the track.
     Single Doors – Outward Opening
The Phantom Disappearing Screen’s decorator case mounts inside the room, on the hinge side of the door opening. When you want it, pull the screen across the opening for screen protection.
Disappearing Screens are wonderful where there is limited space. They easily glide along the track and disappear when not needed.
     Single Doors – Inward Opening
Disappearing Screens can be installed outside the house
where they hold up in the worst weather.
They are convenient to use and beautiful to “not see“. Perfect for beautiful front doors that you don’t want to block with an ugly screen door.
Now you can open you front door and let the breeze flow thru your home without insects.


     Retractable Screen Windows
In the case of windows, Phantom’s Serene window screen is picture perfect. Stylish, adaptable and suited to the finest homes — like yours — it fits in any room you choose — kitchen, living room, study, bedroom or bath.
Open the window, and the Serene screen glides gently into place. Close it, and the Serene rolls silently away. No more unsightly screens blocking your view. More>>