Motorized Screens

Power Screen Walls

Every power screen wall is custom built and installed for a perfect fit. They give shade, keep insects out, and give good ventilation without putting you in a cage.  You can reduce temperatures and save your furnishings from fading while you’re protected from insects when you enjoy your outdoors.

Our Motorized Screen Walls can built up to 25′ wide and 16′ high. They are available with over 26 types of mesh and the cases come in a variety of COLORS.


Types of Power Screen Walls

     Patios, Porches and Large Opening Power Screen Walls

Imagine having a screened in porch
and then opening it with the click of a button!


Picture Windows: Don’t let the sun bleach out your furniture – screen your picture windows with a motorized solar screen.



Patios, Porches, Balconies, Lanai’s: Now you can screen them in and open the screen whenever you want with the click of a button. Also, open your screens during a hurricane or storm and they won’t get blown away.


     Garage Door & Carports – Motorized Screen Walls

Imagine working in your garage at night with the
lights on and no insects!

Imagine closing your garage with a screen wall during the day to stay cool!

Our motorized screens turn your garage into a workshop, or playroom, or office, or whatever you like with open space and a cool view. All it takes is a touch of a button.

Privacy from outside with an open view from inside, and your neighbors will love them too. They blend in both open and closed.

     Hidden Motorized Screen Walls

Imagine never seeing the screen enclosure or the screen when it’s open!

Hidden motorized screen walls are custom built and installed by your builder. They blend into your architecture. We work with your architect and builder to ensure our hidden motorized screens blend in perfectly with your home’s architecture.

We offer the best integration into a home’s design and are pioneers in hidden motorized screen installations.

     Commercial Motorized Screen Doors

Imagine being able to keep your warehouse open

to let the fresh air and light in and keep dirt and insects out!

Our Motorized Screen Doors will keep your shop PRIVATE, CLEAN, COOL and INSECT FREE!


They are easy to open and close for access. You can also apply your logo to the screen to advertise your business